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Deep Silver announces the fascinating Windbound adventure, released on August 28

Deep Silver today announced its new survival-adventure title Windbound,born from a collaboration with independent studio 5 Lives Studios,based in Brisbane, Australia. The company, which co-founded programmer Mike Diskett,a veteran of the gaming world for working at Rockstar North at the time of the Grand Theft Auto IVdevelopment, is known for publishing 2013 Satellite Reign for PC.

Windbound is set in a forgotten archipelago, once home to an ancient civilization. The game begins shortly after Kara,the protagonist, is separated from her fleet during a ferocious and mysterious storm. After waking up on the shore of an unknown island, Kara's early instincts are purely about survival, with the goal of finding her tribe. However, with the storm seeming to surround the entire area, it is immediately apparent that in these islands - rich in strange structures and monuments left by a vanished people - something unusual is hiding.

As we progress through the game world, we will discover the history of the ancient inhabitants of those lands, their relationship with the sea and the mysterious creatures that still inhabit it. The world is full of materials that we can use to make objects that will help us to face our journey. The construction of ships will be essential; From simple canoes bound with blades of grass to large multi-hull boats and several sails, we will learn to harness the power of the wind to cross unexplored waters. Never believe that this is simple, as the seas are not always friendly and will certainly never leave us alone.

In the course of the adventure, we will travel to unique islands, characterized by a huge vast variety of flora and fauna in various settings. The procedural creation component of the archipelagos, then, will guarantee us always different adventures with each new run. Each environment has different resources available, from wild berries to the beasts that populate them.

"Explore the islands' past and discover Kara's connection to them. Unravel the mystery that surrounds the islands and you may find your way home."

Deep Silver has finally released the first picture gallery and the first trailer for Windbound; As you remember that the title will be launched on August 28 for Xbox One we wish you a good viewing.

MX Video - Windbound