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Milestone's new footage shows some details of MotoGP 20's managerial career

Just under a month after the official launch of MotoGP 20, Milestone today takes us to discover one of the novelties that will be introduced in the title: the managerial career. In this completely overhauled and renewed mode, our success in the world of two-wheel racing will be based not only on our skills as a driver but also on the choices we will make off the track: the composition of our staff.

In MotoGP 20,in fact, it will be of paramount importance to carefully choose our Personal Manager,a figure who will have to know how to enhance and improve our potential and skills as a rider, give advice aimed at improving the bike, its trim, strategies to be implemented by race.

This figure will also have the task of promoting us to the different teams (in addition to the real ones, we can also decide to run for new and invented teams), which in turn will offer different engagements for different seasonal goals.

Once we have made our choice, we can finally get on the track on our bike to take part in the winter tests, those that anticipate the official start of the world championship. During this phase we will have the opportunity to try up to 3 different engine and chassis configurations to decide how to deal with the competition.

MotoGP 20 is out for Xbox One April 23; we'll leave you to the developer's disclosed footage.

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