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DOOM Eternal: a dev diary dedicated to the heavy metal soundtrack

Two weeks after the launch of DOOM Eternal Bethesda has released a dev diary subtitled in Italian dedicated to the creation of the mighty heavy metal soundtrack entrusted to the Australian composer Mick Gordon,already author of the music of the previous episode of the series as well as the titles Wolfenstein, LawBreakers and Killer Instinct.

The video is specifically dedicated to the heavy metal choir of the game, made by a large group of heavy metal vocalists Tony Campos (Ministry; Static X), Sven De Caluwé (Aborted), Linzey Rae (The Anchor) and more. Along with id Software's audio team, Mick Gordon created the chorus song by putting together fragments of an ancient and mysterious language that recalls the origins of the DOOM Slayer, integrating seamlessly with the soundtrack and also introducing a direct reference to the doom Eternalplot.

We leave you to the movie, reminding you that the title is coming on March 20: good viewing!

MX Video - DOOM Eternal