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Microsoft Reveals Xbox Series X Specifications: 12 TFLOP RDNA2, VRS, and more

So far we've already been able to get a rough idea of the capabilities of The Xbox Series X,Microsoft's powerful new console coming later this year, but beyond phrases like"double the graphics power of Xbox One X",the exact specs were not known. Today, Phil Spencer, with a speech on the official Xbox blog,unconcerns the most important features of the console.

Spencer explains that the Xbox Series X is designed to provide " a superior balance between performance andpower", increasing game fidelity and decreasing access times. Here are the most important features in the console specifications:

  • Next Generation Custom Processor: The console will have a custom processor that integrates the all-new AMD Zen 2 (CPU) and RDNA 2 (GPU) architectures. The CPU will provide players with a CPU four times more powerful than that of Xbox One/X, while the GPU (the graphics chip) will reach 12 TFLOPS with performance eight times higher than Xbox One and twice as strong as Xbox One X.
  • Variable Rate Shading (VRS)– The console will use proprietary VRS technology that will allow developers to maximize the power of the console, focusing processing on the most important elements of the scenario and thus delivering overall better performance.
  • Acceleration Hardware DirectX Raytracing: Raytracing hardware will allow games to have absolutely realistic lighting, reflections and even audio.
  • SSD disc: The next-generation SSD included in theconsole will allow me to improve virtually every aspect of the games, with bigger and more dynamic worlds, instant uploads and truly "quick journeys".
  • Resume Fast: The new Quick Resume feature will allow us to suspend multiple games at the same time, allowing us to switch between them by continuing the game session from the point where we left off.
  • Dynamic Latency Input (DLI): This technology decreases latency between controllers and consoles, making controls even more immediate.
  • 120 fps support: With support of up to 120 fps, Xbox Series X will allow developers to exceed the resolution of 60 fps for the benefit of greater realism and fast-paced action.

Spencer concludes by confirming that The Xbox Series X is a console designed to put gamers at the center,and that gaming fans can expect the highest quality and immersion from all the games in the console, both those produced by the 15 Xbox Game Studios studios and the third-party ones. More information will come in the coming months: we look forward to it!