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The Noir Adventure Blacksad: Under the Skin arrives in mid-November, gameplay trailer

Microids today announced the new release date of the adventure Blacksad: Under the Skin,inspired by the noir world and populated with anthropomorphic animals devised by Spanish cartoonists Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido. And we won't have to wait long to play it: the title is in fact expected for November 14th,in two weeks.

The announcement is accompanied by the release of a series of details about the game, as well as a long trailer (completely in English, but the game will be subtitled in Italian) that thoroughly shows us the mechanics based on exploration, dialogue and investigation. Find it all below: good reading and good viewing!


New York, 1950s: Joe Dunn, the owner of a boxing club, is found dead. Rising star Bobby Yale, who was preparing for the most important meeting of his career, has mysteriously disappeared. Joe's daughter Sonia Dunn takes over the gym, and she has to deal with the creditors. It is she who decides to hire Detective John Blacksad to investigate Yale's disappearance. The date of the most anticipated match of the year is approaching and the club will not survive an increasingly likely cancellation. In the course of the investigation, John Blacksad will find himself swimming with sharks, in a world where corruption dominates everywhere.

Features of the game

  • The Investigative and Deduction Phase - As the story progresses, players will have the opportunity to explore the different areas of the game, with a degree of freedom that essentially depends on the game situations, to find clues and interrogate potential suspects. Blacksad will, of course, have to analyse all the evidence gathered in order to draw his conclusions. This deductive system of investigation allows players to put the different elements of the game (indications precisely, but also observations, deductions...) in relation to each other, to build lines of inquiry to be pursued. If the hypotheses made work, the detective will come to a conclusion. Otherwise, clues will remain available for a retry.
  • Multiple-choice dialogues - The scenes feature dialogues that give players the ability to take the conversation in different directions. You will then have to choose the option that you think will be the most useful in continuing the investigation. each choice will determine the subsequent development of Blacksad's relationships and behaviors, and the opportunities that will arise. Of course, players will have the opportunity to remain silent during certain conversations.
  • Senses felines - the fact of being a cat offers Blacksad really unique advantages. His feline senses are in fact particularly fine, and his hearing, his sight and his sense of smell, all particularly acute, will help him to analyze certain situations more thoroughly. In this way, players will be able to identify certain otherwise invisible details.
  • Quick Time Events - Quick Actions (QTEs) can cover both particular scenes and facts that happen to the protagonist, and must be completed to continue the game. Each time you fail you will have to try again. Players will have to deal with two types of Quick Actions: those where you have to press the buttons at the right time, or those where you will have to grow a bar by pressing a button quickly.
MX Video - Blacksad: Under the Skin