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New PvE modes coming to Star Wars: Battlefront II

With a recent Community Update, EA and DICE unveiled the latest innovations introduced in Star Wars: Battlefront II,including new PvE modes. Despite the well-known initial missteps, the post-release support of the game has proven to be excellent and still shows no signs of subsidence, continuing to churn out interesting news for the famous shooter set in the Star Wars universe.

Among the many content is the PvE cooperative mode:a team of four players (possibly supplemented by bots, if the players are not enough) is on the attack on an enemy side controlled by the game's IA. Both factions have the entire sample of classes, reinforcements, and heroes at their disposal, resulting in a wide variety of combat situations.

Another new mode dedicated to PvE lovers is Instant Action,especially designed for players who prefer to play solo... It will even be possible to play this mode (in fact very similar to the "surface" portion of The Supremacy mode) also disconnected from the Net, since the two warring armies can be entirely ruled by the IA.

In addition to these new modes, the update introduces a new gaming environment, the planet Felucia: among the peculiarities of this planet with a lush nature, we also find particular fugues that release poisonous spores when hit!

Finally included in the update we also find a new Reinforcement, the Clone Commando, equipped with a particular blaster that at the time can be used as a grenade launcher.

The update is already available; We leave you to the video (in English) dedicated to this Community Update that details all the new features introduced, good viewing!

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