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Rumor: Obsidian's first Xbox exclusive will be a first-person RPG

As we know, the Californian studio Obsidian Entertainment is currently engaged in completing the development of The Outer Worlds,already in production as a cross-platform title for Take Two/Private Division when the studio was acquired by Microsoft; but what will be the first project developed exclusively for Xbox Game Studios?

As is often the case in these cases, the social network of the labour market LinkedIn comes to us in aid allowing us to analyze the job offers of the studio; specifically, Obsidian has just opened 12 new positions where you are looking for programmers, designers and artists with experience inUnreal Engine 4 and whose task will be to create a triple-A RPG with a day/night cycle , first-person view and close-up and distance combat. Job ads also specify that it will be a high-profile title,which could mean that it is connected to a very important IP or franchise or that it will be the subject of a very aggressive marketing campaign.

Of course, for now we can't know what it is or what IP will be connected to the game: it could be a completely new title or be tied to an existing franchise of both Microsoft and Obsidian (a Pillars of Eternity in the first person, in style The Elder Scrolls?), but these early details suggest that the California studio will continue on the road that began with Fallout: New Vegas first and The Outer Worlds after. We can't wait to find out what it is!