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Rumor: Project Scarlett will support VR with Oculus Rift S

When Phil Spencer announced Project Scorpioin 2016, he also mentioned support for VR headsets that never materialized and has since disappeared from any official communication; according to a recent rumor, this may have happened because Microsoft has moved its virtual reality support plans to ProjectScarlett,

The Coffe & VR podcast cited its own highly trusted source with excellent connections, which claims that Microsoft and Facebook (the manufacturer of Oculus) are forging an alliance to provide the next Xbox to support Oculus RiftS, the brand new VR headset announced in recent months.

If this happens, we will then be able to experiment with VR and its games on the next console, provided we can afford the headset, which, at the launch scheduled for the beginning of July, will cost 449Euros. It's obviously likely that by the end of 2020, ProjectScarlett's launch period, the price of the headset will drop, but it will still be a big expense.

If Microsoft's plans for the new Xbox include VR support, however, we'll probably not find out until next year: we're waiting for rumors and other news!