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Rumor: Ubisoft will announce in a few days Watch Dogs 3, set in London

It seems that Ubisoft is unable to make an announcement without being anticipated by some kind of leak, and today it's up to Watch Dogs 3: The Spiel Times website claims to have received the information from two separate sources that the third episode in the series Ubisoft's action-hacker will be announced in a few days, around May 24.

The informers of the site claim that the title will arrive this year in November, also confirming some of the information already leaked in the past on the game, specifically:

  • The title will be set in London
  • The protagonist will be a half English girl, half Asian named Sarah
  • It is possible (but certainly not) that the game allows the choice of a male protagonist, as seen in AC: Odyssey
  • Among the activities available in the open world of the game there will also be graffiti and skateboarding
  • It seems that in the title we will not make use of lethal weapons like pistols and rifles, but only of gadgets and non-lethal weapons. But the source of the site was not safe at 100% of this information

To give solidity to the rumor has also thought Ubisoft itself, which has just opened the British Twitter channel Watchdogs; What is the point of opening a new channel dedicated to the game if there is not an incoming announcement?

If that's the case, We'il find out in a few days. Stay tuned!