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Microsoft and Sony announce a strategic partnership for gaming on the cloud

Here is a news that no one expected: Microsoft today announced that it has made a deal with Sony to use the Cloud Azure system (which also belongs to the service of game streaming Xcloud) in games and streaming systems Japanese.

In Soldoni this means that, in all probability, Sony will abandon the GaikaiInfrastructure, acquired in 2012 to give life To the PlayStation Now streaming system, by migrating its streaming services to the Microsoft system that already from the first tests Proven to be much more capable than Sony.

But it will not be a simple collaboration provider (MS)-Client (Sony): The agreement signed by the two companies provides investment and research to grow and improve the gaming technologies of both, so that each can exploit the advantages on Own platforms.

The two companies will also collaborate in the area of semiconductors and AI, exploiting on the one hand the experience of Sony (especially with regard to the area of optical sensors) and on the other the evolved services of artificial intelligence of Azure to create Innovative services for both consumer and business users.

All of this will certainly be at the expense of AWS, the Amazon cloud system seen as the main competitor of Azure, but will surely arouse some concern even in Google home, which is preparing to give battle with the streaming system Stadia . It is indeed likely that Google's plans have convinced the two companies to ally themselves in order to compete with greater strength to the colossus of the Web.

The agreement, which we do not struggle to define historical and unprecedented, is signed by the CEOS of the two companies, Satya Nadella and Kenichiro Yoshida that you can see in the picture below; With regard to which fruits this collaboration will lead to the practical act, we Just wait for developments that may but already occur with the next generation of consoles. Let's wait for new!