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Vampire The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2 introduces us to the clan of the Tremere

Paradox Interactive today released a new trailer and a series of details about the upcoming RPG next year Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines 2, still talking about one of the clans to which we will be affiliated: The Tremere, sorcerers Obsessed with knowledge and unleash the devastating magic of blood against their enemies.

Often called usurpers, blood witches or worse, the other clans share a general distrust of the Tremere. In spite of this, the other clans respect the pure power of the blood magic of the Tremere, useful to transform those who are willing to offer their services, in excellent allies.

Long before Seattle, the Tremere began as occultists in search of immortality. Although they found a way to live forever, the price to pay tied their magic to the blood. The origin of their curse is mostly forgotten, but it continues to animate their relations with Kindred. The Tremere were not well received, in significant numbers, in Seattle, at least until recently.

The Tremere employ powerful blood magic to unravel secrets and unleash devastating attacks. Players who join the ranks of Tremere can unlock two new disciplines to expand their arsenal, Thaumaturgy And Auspex. The first is the witchcraft of the blood of the Tremere, which confers an unparalleled destructive power. The second instead expands the senses of the Tremere beyond the confines of their bodies, ensuring that nothing remains hidden from the warlocks. These are the skills conferred on us by these two disciplines:


  • Skewer-Throw a small portion of the vampire's blood at the feet of enemies, exploding sharp spikes. Once dissolved, a stream of blood flows into the vampire.
  • Purge-Allows the vampire to make blood vomit to victims, severely damaging them. A stream of blood flows into the vampire.
  • Blood Boil-a master of Thaumaturgy can launch Purge for a second time on an NPC, making the blood burn in their veins. The wretched explodes in a few moments; The victims within the area are damaged. The blood of each victim returns to the Enchanter.

The use of Thaumaturgy in front of witnesses is a violation of Masquerade.


  • Aura Sense-Allows the vampire to detect NPCS even through walls and crowds. It also allows you to mark people so that you don't lose sight of them in long distances. It also allows you to identify weak points in the attack and defense of a labeled NPC.
  • Psychic Projection-Allows you to separate the mind of the vampire from his body. Without ties, vampires can explore the area in astral form, while remaining free to use Aura Sight to mark any identified character. In addition to this, the vampire's mastery of his senses has grown to such an extent that he can telepathically overtake the senses of others for a short period of time.

The use of Auspex is not a violation of Masquerade. Players who will join the clan of the Tremere, can use these disciplines in addition to the individual powers of their past by Thinblood.

We leave you now to the trailer that presents us this clan. Good vision!

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