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Fortnite: Thanos and the Avengers fight in the Endgame event

Epic Games today announced the departure of the event fortnite X Avengers: Endgame, which on the occasion of the launch of the new film sees the Authors Of fortnite collaborate with Marvel for a new partnership, as already done In the time of Infinity War . But this time the rules are different: The new Endgame mode sees Thanos and his chitaurs fighting against the Avengers themselves, or almost.

In this new "free-2-Play" team mode, in fact, a crew of players interprets the Avengers by wielding the weapons of the most famous heroes: Thor's Hammer, Iron Man's repulsory gloves, Captain America's shield, the arc of Hawkeye. Another team plays the Chitaurs, the armies of Thanos, While the gems of Infinity are scattered on the playing field. The first chitaur to reach a gem will then turn into Thanos, becoming the bearer of a devastating power; Needless to say the purpose of the Avengers is to block the chitaurs and break down Thanos.

Here are all the details on the new mode, followed by the launch trailer. Good reading and good vision!


Thanos and his chitaurs invade the island of the royal battle, in search of the six infinite gems.

Details of the mode

  • In Endgame, a team of heroes faces Thanos and his chitaurs to prevent him from conquering the six infinite gems.
  • Both teams regenerate to elimination, until the opposing faction completes its goal.
  • On the one hand is the team of heroes. Heroes regenerate to elimination until the opposing team has found all the gems of infinity.
  • The heroes begin with a treasure map that leads directly to a mythical object of the Avengers.
  • The other objects of the Avengers can be found in the chests scattered on the map.
  • The goal of the team of heroes is to destroy the army of the chitaurs and defeat Thanos.
  • Thanos ' team, however, is composed of Chitauri invaders and Thanos himself.
  • The Chitauri invaders begin with a powerful laser rifle, an anti-shell attack with a grenade and a jetpack that allows it to fly for short periods.
  • The first of the chitaurs who will conquer a gem of Infinity will be transformed into Thanos.
  • Thanos has a powerful punch, a destructive laser attack and the ability to perform very high leaps and then destroy everything he encounters when he touches Earth again.
  • Every time he conquers a gem of the Infinite, Thanos ' abilities become more powerful and chitaurs get health.
    • Gem of the Reality (red) = health and shields doubled (1000-> 2000)
    • Gem of the Soul (orange) = absorption activated (gives Thanos only the shields)
    • Gem of the Mind (yellow) = Doubles the height of the jumps
    • Space Gem (blue) = triple the area of effect of the Earth crash, give X6
    • Gem of the time (green) = notable rejection added to each shot, give X3
    • Gem of the Power (purple) = Laser Damage x6
  • If Thanos is eliminated from the game, after a short time another of the Chitauri will become him (unless Thanos was the last remaining in the team).
  • If Thanos and the chitaurs find all the six gems of Infinity, the heroes can no longer regenerate themselves.
  • The goal of Thanos and his army is to find the stones and eliminate the remaining heroes.
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