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The Horror of Daymare: 1998 is shown in a trailer dedicated to history and new images

The Italian developers of Invader Studios today released a new trailer subtitled in English of their horror game Daymare: 1998, which aims to bring back on our consoles, but with a modern design, the sensations of the first horror game " Hardcore "as Resident Evil.

The new trailer, while showing many sequences of gameplay, focuses on the history of the game and presents US agent Liev, member of the Unit H.A.D.E.S. (Hexacore Advanced Division for Extraction and Search) and one of the three protagonists of the title; Liev is a former Russian Spetsnaz specialist who moved to USA to be part of this unit of super specialized agents and very well paid. The story begins with a routine investigation of what looks like an ordinary security alarm, and then turns into something much more terrifying.

The title is expected in the summer time on PC and then arrive later also on consoles. Before I leave you to the video, accompanied by a set of new images, here is an official description of the game provided by the developers:

Daymare: 1998 is a third-person survival horror with hardcore survival mechanics and extremely difficult enemies to kill. The game requires a strategic approach both to fighting and to solving puzzles, while the story, experienced by three different viewpoints, turns out to be dark and profound.
It All starts with a secret research center, a lethal chemical weapon, and a team of special agents sent to investigate an incident that could prove to be much more than just a security breach. Follow The story of an elite soldier, a helicopter pilot and a forest ranger and find out what their roles are in an event that will suddenly turn a peaceful town into a deadly hell and its tranquil inhabitants into bloodthirsty monsters. Kill every creature you stand in front of, before you look for clues and evidence that will make sense of all the chaos around you. Evaluate your next move carefully, because resources are scarce in a situation like this. Anything can happen when your nightmares become real...

Features of the game:

  • Storytelling to multiple characters – experience the story from different points of view and discover the truth
  • Terrifying enemies -best made in every detail with realistic animations and dismemberments
  • Realistic Interfaces – Keep inventory, health and position under control with your special equipment
  • Environmental Puzzles -Finding your way will not always be so easy, look for clues
  • Classic Mechanics – Limited ammunition and savepoints, backtracking, collectable, tough enemies and much more
  • Graphics and avant-garde effects -not really everything will be classic, Thanks To Unreal Engine 4
  • Relive the years ' 90 -homage to those years with tons of reference

We Leave you now to trailers and images; Good vision!

MX Video - Daymare: 1998