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Microids will bring the remake of Toki on our consoles in the coming months

The publisher French Microïds announced that, after having published it on Nintendo Switch at the end of last year, will bring the remake of the platform game Toki also on our consoles in the second quarter 2019, then by June.

The Game recreates graphics completely redesigned by hand in HD and a new orchestral soundtrack the popular title of 1989, putting us in the shoes of the warrior Toki transformed in spite of himself in a monkey man.

Here are some official information on the title and a set of images:

Toki's adventures are back! The Game of Action/platform cult released in 1989 in the arcade version back in a new version more ape-shaped than ever, completely redesigned by hand and fully re-orchestrated!

Toki the Warrior Lives serene in the jungle with his beloved Miho. The Terrible voodoo Sorcerer Vookimedlo and the infamous demon Bashtar, out of nowhere, abduct Miho and turn poor Toki into a chimpanzee! Toki is now hairy, slow and indolent, his beautiful will have to worry...

Rediscover Toki 30 years later:

Dress up Toki and go through fantastic environments invaded by filthiness creatures!

The Labyrinth, the Lake of Neptune, the Fire Cave, The Ice Palace, the Jungle of Darkness and the Golden Palace are haunted by the servants of Vookimedlo. Freeing Miho will be anything but simple! Boloragog, Rambacha, Mogulvar, Zorzamoth and Bashtar are indeed despicable and truly fearsome beings and will certainly not be the "style" of Toki to reassure you!

To succeed in the enterprise, we will have to do with what we have; Luckily Toki knows how to walk, jump, swim, climb and especially spit! It Is indeed the saliva, used skillfully, that allows him to get rid of the enemies.

Rediscover the legendary difficulty of the Golden age of the videogame:

"Insert coin"... Again and then again until you get to the end of the story! The playrooms ruined you? Redone playing in more comfortable conditions, but with equally demanding gameplay. High Scores are waiting for you!

The newcomers will also certainly appreciate a new, more tolerant way...

A real remake made by the Masters of the video game:

The game was entirely redesigned by Philippe Dessoly, a famous comic book illustrator, video game and manga artist such as Captain Harlock et Goldrake, who worked on the Amiga version of Toki in 1991 and also designed the game Mr. Nutz (1992). His sketches will allow Toki to come back more beautiful and weirdest than ever!

The Music, however, reorchestrated in full by the composer Raphaël Gesqua, promises to make us live a vintage and modern adventure at the same time. The Award-winning musician has already composed the music of about one hundred video games.

As For the technical aspect, finally, it is to the enormous work done by Pierre Adane that we owe the success of a really throbbing experience. The developer has worked, among other things, to games such as Mr. Nutz (1992) and has devised the Top Spin Tennis Game (2003).