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THQ Nordic captures the authors of Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Continues without stopping the recruitment drive set up by THQ Nordic, who announced today that have acquired the 100% Czech studio Warhorse Studios, authors of the successful RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The acquisition, which closed with approximately $33 million euros paid entirely in cash, includes all of the assets of the firm (which will keep anyway its offices in Prague) including intellectual property titles already published.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance , ambitious RPG set in the middle ages, has enjoyed a great success coming for sale, just over a year after publication, over 2 million copies. No wonder then that Warhorse has caught the attention of THQ Nordic, involved in a massive "comings" of developers and IP: restricting ourselves to consider only transactions made a sign for the past six months, the acquisition of intellectual property of Kingdoms of Amalur , Alone in the Dark, Carmageddon and Outcast, the firm Bugbear Entertainment ( FlatOut series known) and Coffee Stain Studios, authors of Goat Simulator .

Kingdom Come: Deliverance was founded as a project of crowdfunding funded on Kickstarter platform by about 35,000 fans: it is logical to hope that financial stability stemming from having behind an important entity How THQ can allow further Warhorse to raise Nordic bar for his upcoming projects. We'll see what will be the future developments planned by the Austrian publishers for this interesting IP!