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Life is Strange 2: launch trailer for the second episode, to be released on 24 January

Square-Enix has released today the launch trailer of the second episode of Life is Strange 2 , entitled " Rules ", whose release is scheduled for Thursday, January 24. In this second episode of the adventure we will follow Daniel and Sean in a new setting, filled with new and old characters.

This episode in fact relates to the stand-alone episode released in summer the amazing adventures of Captain Spirit , in which players wore the clothes of young Chris Eriksen, a child the same age as Daniel and big fan of superheroes .

While Chris and Daniel shake a beautiful friendship, it's up to Sean make sure Daniel follow a set of rules that they agreed about its power. Don't show ever in public. Don't tell anyone. Escape from the dangers. Daniel manages to hide the truth from those around him? The temptation to explore more his power will be a burden too great for him? Break the rules in times of need?

Pending separating us at the exit of the episode, we invite you to watch the launch trailer: enjoy!

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