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The future racer Racer arrives in early 2019, all Italian Xenon official cover

SOEDESCO and study Italian today announced that the futuristic racer Xenon Racer will hit stores in early 2019 physical and digital, revealing also the cover of the game.

Xenon Racer draws heavily on classic arcade racing as Ridge Racer , and we will involve in a future where the flying cars are a reality but held still a last tournament dedicated to all four wheels, albeit fuelled by Xenon engines. If you've never heard of this interesting title you can deepen your knowledge in our hands-on preview , while you find the official features spread by the developer and the cover image.

Drifta through the most iconic metropolis
In Xenon Racer you can compete in seven different locations located across the entire globe in the year 2030. Two of the cities have already been revealed: the lusty Dubai city and the crowded metropolis of Tokyo. The latter offers six unique paths and Dubai, instead, it offers four, all available in their "reserve".

In addition we now jump directly in the distant lands of the East Coast of United States of America: pilots can drift through the streets of Boston, capital of Massachusetts, also known as the "city of Champions". Boston players will compete on three different paths, in both directions.

Earns pole position
Players can compete against in Xenon Racer AI in quick race mode and deleting as well as unlock new cars, vehicle components and new circuits in single player Championship, Xenon Racing Championship. In order to improve their ability to pilots and break personal records, players will also take to the track and compete with the Time Attack challenges with Checkpoint and Free Competition. Also available the split screen two player and an online multiplayer to challenge other racers, up to eight players.