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A new trailer he jumps in the adventures of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Telltale Games today released the second trailer for The Walking Dead: The Final Season that gives us a preview on the end of the trip and the new upcoming season clementines. Moreover, the study of development also announced that Thursday, July 19 will give a live demonstration of the gameplay within the San Diego Comic-Con. The demo videos will be posted Friday, 20 July, then come back to our site to take a look at the gameplay of the game.

The first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be available for download from 14 August 2018 worldwide. The game is currently available for preorder at the price of €23.99.

Preordering The Final Season players will receive access to download each of the four episodes as they become available. But not only: preordering the game players will also receive instant access to The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection , the collection that brings together in one package all 19 episodes of this award-winning series.

Following the description of the new season.

Clementine, now become a trade show and surviving to the last chapter, it tube of his journey. After years of living and non-living death threats and UPS, isolated from the world might finally become his home. But protecting it will require sacrifices. Clem must build a life and demonstrate leadership skills at the same time, taking care of A.J., the boy orphaned that represents his only family since she left. In this dramatic and exciting season finale you have to define your relationships, fight with the undead and determine with your every action the ending of Clementine.

  • A compelling story and exciting : follow the journey of Clementine to the end . Gradually that Clem, you will create a new life, you will have to face new types of decisions and manage its consequences under the eyes of AJ, who will learn from everything you do.
  • More control, more tension : a new Visual system behind, more freedom to explore detailed environments and battle scenes not scripted missions make palpable the tension of a world overrun by zombies, creating the coolest title of The Walking Dead ever seen.
  • An amazing new visual style : the innovative Graphic style Black screen the unmistakable style of the award-winning cartoon recreates cult of Eisner, bringing to life the world of The Walking Dead than ever before Support 4 k resolution and high dynamic range (HDR) on compatible devices.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be completely dubbed into French, German, Spanish, Latin American and Brazilian Portuguese. Will still be present subtitles in Italian. Voice packages and translations of the first episode will be available for download on launch day.

We just have to leave you with the video, followed by three new images: enjoy!

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