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Warning: Jurassic World Evolution part in German in Italy

If you plan to take on new and interesting sim/management of Frontier Developments, Jurassic World Evolution , we inform you that the game is currently plagued by an insurmountable problem but still annoying, we could Verify ourselves with our copy of the game. The title does not have Italian localization, and when started on a console in Italian will start in German , unable to change language in the menus.

The only way currently available to work around this problem is to set the console language in English, so that the game start in English and is at least usable by those who know this language but not German, but this means that all other games will be in English until reimposterete the language in Italian.

We contacted Frontier Developments for a couple of days to ask if they are aware of the problem and if there is a patch solution, but for now we didn't get reply: we will update soon will tell us anything.