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The first expansion of Destiny 2 is the Renegades, trailer and info

Activision and Bungie announced today that the first major expansion of Destiny 2 will the Renegades , arriving on 4 September . The DLC will be sold at the price of 39.99 Euros and we will bring in two new locations by introducing unusual weapons, armor and new Super to be acquired, in addition to the new competitive mode 4v4 Gambit .

The Renegades will introduce a new story that continues the story of the universe of Destiny 2 . After years of conflict, what remains of the atoll is now dropped illegally. Players investigate the recent unrest and explore new regions, awaken powers unpublished and get powerful weapons. In order to offer an experience of deep and rewarding game Destiny 2: the Renegades presents the Dreamy City destination. A place full of secrets to discover and "boss" to defeat, this destination is also home to the newest raid and the first space designed from the ground up to support the contents of endgame. Together with the launch expected updates arrive also the Renegades de and return some of the most popular features, like the new slots for weapons, a new version of random Perks and system improvements mods.

Gambit is a new hybrid mode 4v4 combining PvE or PvP in an epic battle, designed for all types of gamers: for those who love the competitive challenge of PvP gameplay, and for those who prefer collaborative and unpredictable elements of PvE. This mode will be revealed and shown during the E3 next week.

We leave you now to the trailer of expansion and a set of spectacular images: enjoy!

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