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King Art Games video reveals the RTS Iron Harvest

The German studio KING Art Games revealed today the gameplay of Iron Harvest , real-time strategy game inspired by the work " World of 1920 + " Polish Illustrator Jakub Różalski, whom he imagined an early 1900 in which weapons the earliest were side-by-side battle automata in conventional Polish-Soviet war , which culminated in the battle of Warsaw .

The movie, which you can find below, shows us some of the items at the base of the gameplay of the title as the system of dynamic destruction scenarios, that will allow us to raze most of the buildings and structures of the game world, in addition to Roofing System and control of troops, finally confirming the presence of a multiplayer game 1 against 1.

The video shows us the PC version of the game, but the title is also expected on consoles in 2018. We leave you to the trailer: enjoy!

MX Video - Iron Harvest