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Ubisoft reveals the contents of the fourth season of For Honor

Ubisoft announced that Season 4 of For Honor , titled Order & Havoc , will be available from November 14 on Xbox One with a wide range of new content, including the new mode Two additional two heroes tribute 4v4, extra maps as well as new items for customisation and some updates of the gameplay.

Ahead of the launch of the new season, For Honor will offer a free Weekend from 9 to 12 November on all platforms where you can try all the contents of Season three. Here are the details of the contents of Season four.

New ways Tribute and Ranked Dominion

Tribute mode introduces a new way to play, in which teamwork and communication are very essential. In this new objective-based mode, players fight for control of three offerings across the entire map. To ensure victory, must bring them in the temples of his own team. To submit an offer, each temple gives the whole team a unique buff, forcing players to make strategic decisions on where to place their bids. In addition to this new mode, competitive experience For Honor will continue to expand with the introduction of how Ranked Dominion over the course of the season, which will allow players to team up with friends and compete online for glory and some rich rewards of play.

New maps and new heroes

Will also be available two new maps, Market Town and The Gauntlet. And with the addition of two new and dangerous warriors, each faction now will boast a group of six different heroes:

  • Aramusha (Samurai hybrid) – The Aramusha wields two katana, which uses both to attack than to defend. Moving deftly on the battlefield, is able to avoid the blows and attack very quickly. The Aramusha takes advantage of the errors of their opponents, punishing them with a series of quick attacks at every turn.
  • Shaman (Viking assassin) – with an axe and a knife, the shamans use these two very different weapons really quick and deadly accuracy. They are fierce warriors and aggressive, even more powerful when they depart. Jumping up on their opponents as savage beasts, shamans are even more lethal, when their victims are bleeding on the battlefield.

As in previous seasons, the new heroes will be immediately available for free for Season Pass holders from 14 November, while other players can unlock them from 21 November to 15,000 pieces of steel. Season four will also introduce new weapons and items for customisation of all heroes, as well as various updates of the gameplay. For a full list of news and updates, visit:

We leave you with a video (subtitled in Italian) in which developers describe us all content coming soon: enjoy!

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