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Techland reveals that Dying Light will receive 10 free DLC within the next 12 months

After more than 2 years after its release, Dying Light continues to have a following of players who have not abandoned the title and to claim some success. Thanks to such positive feedback, Techland during the E3 revealed that the zombie themed horror FPS will receive within 12 months ben 10 DLC completely free and that the first package, although probably only adds a few new enemies in the game, will be available very soon.

We don't know the precise timing of the release of the other DLC that should still contain the addition of new vehicles and other missions in history. Probably Techland is preparing a sequel to Dying Light and maybe, with the addition of any missions in history, wants to fill the gap between the first and second chapter of a hypothetical game.

When the details are fragmentary and incomplete, we invite you to continue to stay tuned for more info about it. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you can regain control of the game in view of the new updates coming soon!