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Aurora44 speaks of "passive" Ashen multiplayer

Among the titles at Xbox ID announced at the last E3, the exclusive Xbox One Ashen was undoubtedly one of the most interesting artistic setting an extremely fascinating and very interesting open world action-RPG gameplay. Today New Zealanders Aurora44 speak, thanks to an interview conducted for the site Windows Central , the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Developers tell us that the title will have an online multiplayer "passive", which is not operated by matchmaking mechanics or invitations, but pass everything smoothly and automatically during the course of the game. It won't be a competitive but only cooperative multiplayer: playing alone, groups of numerous enemies might be very hard to deal with, and you will then need to partner with other players to try and win.

The game will then meet, during our explorations, other players that are in our own area: whether we'll stay next door for a while, you will automatically create a "connection" with them and we'll begin to explore the game world, facing challenges and enemies. If then we head out for some time, the connection is removed and we may not meet those same players. Even die while fighting we will disconnect from the players: If we're going to have to find other mates to respawn particularly difficult challenges.

Another important role of the players who inconteremo is also the addition of NPC (AI-driven characters) at our camp/City: every player has a city as a base of operations, populated d characters that we can give quests, items and help us move forward. Initially this will be half-empty, and to populate it we will have to partner with other players by completing challenges or killing monsters: doing so there we propose to invite their character in our city, where he lived as NPC AI-driven. Another way to "get" the characters of other players in our city will lead them physically there: when shall enter upon the gates of the city players are disconnected from our session and their characters become autonomous NPCS.

Ashen therefore seems a more interesting project, for which we have not yet a release date. We leave you meanwhile to announce trailer of last E3, if you were lost.

MX Video - Ashen