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Fallout 4: discover the soundtrack of Inon Zur

Bethesda speaks today of the soundtrack of Fallout 4 , created by award-winning Israeli composer Inon Zur. in the following article you can read about the process that led to the creation of Zur of the game, his philosophy of composition and you can also listen to two excerpts from the soundtrack. In closing, we offer a video where Inon Zur performs the same main theme of the game. Happy reading and happy listening!

Fallout 4 – the soundtrack of Inon Zur

Judging by the strange sounds coming from the House next door, neighbors of Inon Zur will think that is half crazy.

"Walking in the garden and I hit things," says Zur. It is famous because it uses a cello bow against a garden Chair: he produces a "damn jarring". And if the same were neighbors peeking in her home, could see him at the piano ... but not as traditional pianist. "I like to test the piano by touching the strings with the hands, or even mordendole," says Zur laughing.

A working day like any other, to the award-winning composer. Having written and produced the soundtrack of other titles in the series Fallout from Fallout Tactics, Zur worked in Fallout 4 offering his unique and evocative sound. And, once again, gave the maximum Zur to create sound atmosphere more suitable for Fallout gaming experience. Although this sometimes involves disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.


Obviously draws inspiration not only Zur from her garden furniture. The combination of atypical instruments and traditional melodic orchestration became a hallmark of the Fallout. Next to recognizable tunes, including the main theme which we will discuss later, the soundtrack of Fallout 4 is primarily a venture into different musical environments. Together with Bethesda Game Studios team, create unique soundscapes Zur that adapt to various places in the game. "In this way we have a musical experience that didn't necessarily have a theme, but it is memorable," says Zur. In other words, it means to tell the player where it is, because it is there and help him to increase the emotional charge of the Fallout history 4.

What this means in terms of soundtrack? What's the difference compared to the music of previous Fallout? For Zur all about capturing the sense of humanity of the game. From his first meeting with the Director Mark Lampert audio and game director Todd Howard, Zur felt that the game would have been a very personal story, much more than they were the previous titles. That's why Zur suggested to use the piano as an instrument of relief on the soundtrack, because this tool would communicate to the best personal nature of Fallout 4.

"At home I have A good piano and I recorded the main theme alone," Zur said. Todd's first reaction was uncertain: he liked the idea of the piano, but the sound was too lively and a little cold. Todd and Mark wanted something hotter. "So I combined the sound of a grand piano with an electric piano," Zur. "A round sound, lively and very rich". When Zur did hear for the first time Todd and Mark, both realized that the direction was that. "From then on, there are several themes that I used this kind of sound," Zur said. "You can hear it in the first main theme. It's not a mistake or a random choice. The piano accompanies us throughout the soundtrack. "

The feeling of being there

A modified piano sound and is perfect, but what can we say about the noise the garden chair and other effects? Is only one of the three principal sound elements of Fallout: classical instruments, electronic instruments and musical instruments and/or primitive. The goal, explains Zur, is to tell the player where is thanks to the sounds he hears. "For example, some parts of the game have a more orchestral accompaniment, but the predominant instrument is the accordion," Zur said. "In other areas, I registered while playing an ocarina improvised, that conveys a sense of lightness and gnashing together."

Listen to the main theme and The Last Mariner, two songs from the soundtrack of Fallout 4

Hey, wait a minute ...  accordion ? Well Yes. It was the brainchild of Lampert. "Mark has always had this kind of ...  found , "Zur. "Sometimes requires a tool that I never thought". However, having worked for a long time, the two developed a deep relationship founded on mutual trust. A report that Zur manages to create the appropriate music to Lampert, and any feedback or solicitation to improve is acceptable. When Lampert has suggested the use of the accordion to better define the sound of a certain area, Zur wanted to try it now.

"It was a lot of fun," recalls Zur. "We're talking about very intense music. We speak of the Commonwealth. A few reasons have traces of British or Irish elements to better represent the atmosphere of the Commonwealth. But the accordion is French and Eastern Europe, often intended for festive atmospheres and bizarre. And instead? This sound so low and only became one of the strengths of the soundtrack. Who would have thought? "

From despair to hope

About trust, one of the most recognizable elements of the Fallout is the main theme. Which begs the question: How can drag the player into the world of Fallout?

"I had composed the main theme of Fallout 3" says Zur. "We use mainly two agreements to reflect the dualism of Fallout: the hopelessness of war and hope for the future. In Fallout we are always torn by this dichotomy. Despair, darkness and dangers of the world and hope to be able to build a better future. "

To capture this duality, Zur took the two agreements and combined them together. "In general, we have a minor chord that ends in a major, or a major chord that acts as a child and then change into more. Combined the two agreements, major and minor, transmit this feeling of bittersweet world of Fallout ". This duality, or the sadness of a minor chord changes in the greater optimism, defines the theme of Fallout. "Is his trademark," Zur said. "From sadness to hope. Conceptually very simple, but works great.

The trip will be

What to expect fans listening to the soundtrack of Zur? "For me, again, the most important things are where we are in history and where we want to take the player on his journey. We want to create excitement and emotional tensions. With the music, to support the story, we can affect the player. Basically we talk about feelings. We propose a sound atmosphere that supports the emotional aspects of a certain area. "

For this unique combination of Fallout 4 tools is important to his music. "I want to try to create something fresh and new," says Zur. "Something that has the flavor of home." When players come out of the Vault for the first time, begin a new journey. They see a world destroyed, represented by non-percussion instruments. As you explore the world, observe nature around them and listen to the sounds of primitive tools, but most musical. Meanwhile, the emotional aspects are supported by the orchestra.

Everything is based on the joy of discovery during the trip: this is what Zur expect when play Fallout 4 November 10, 2015, the release date of the game for Xbox, PlayStation 4 and One PC in the world. Just like their garden Explorer, finding natural sounds that fit the music from the game, Zur plans to wander around the contaminated area to find out what's out there. "Probably the first thing I do is ...  walk , "Zur said. "The younger players will probably just looking for enemies and points of interest. Willy-nilly, they meet several. I want to miss. See what's out there. Discover. "

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