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MGS fasting but want to take MGS v: The Phantom Pain? Here is the site for you

The timeline of the Metal Gear Solid series can be extremely difficult to follow, with many events that are twisted in various episodes in a non-progressive. Not only need a good memory to remember everything, but it's also complicated put everything in the correct chronological order. If you haven't played even just some of titles in the series, things could get even more confusing.

Before starting Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is definitely good to refresh your memory about the history of the series, to understand what were the events that led to Big Boss's actions, bearing in mind however that this episode chronologically does not arise at the end of the story but in the years 80, more specifically after the events narrated in MGS 3 : Snake Eater , MGS: Portable Ops , MGS: Peace Walker and MGS v: Ground Zeroes .

To make order in the continuity of the series comes in the very useful site Metal Gear Timeline , developed by our compatriot and indie developer Alex Camilleri : on site, also available in Italian (use the appropriate drop-down list at the top to switch languages), presents a list of all the events in the history of the series strictly sorted in chronological order, so that we can learn (or reorder the ideas) all the events that led to the Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain . As the new game set in the years 80, for the purposes of the game what you will read are all events until Ground Zeroes, but of course it doesn't hurt to freshen up ideas on what happened in the years successes at The Phantom Pain.

Good reading and congratulations to Alex for the excellent idea!