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Xbox One: revealed full details on connectivity, and used licenses, privacy

A few days before the start of E3, Microsoft has released full details on many of the questions surrounding the Xbox One to leave probably more space to pure gaming during the Conference on Monday. Here are the innovations that will be introduced by the new console, starting of course with the most talked-about ones in recent weeks: the licensing and Internet connection.


Microsoft has announced that on Xbox One you can play offline for up to 24 hours on your console and an hour on the console. This means that past this period of time, the console will prompt you for a quick connection to the Internet (via cell phone with smartphone in tethering wi-fi) to check the validity of game licenses.

If you intend to play, there is no obligation of connection: the console can remain disconnected for weeks or even months and be used as a multimedia player or Blu-ray player, but when you play will have connected at least once in the last 24 hours (or one hour if you are playing with your game at a friends house) or can be connected when you want to play tuned up.

Purchase and install games

All games will be available at launch in both shops on Xbox Live: in fact the purchase on disc remains purely to provide a practical and quick way to install games more full-bodied wines. The installation is always required, and once our games will always be available even from the cloud: This means that we will be able to go to a friend's House without the disc, login with our profile, download a game purchased from us and play it together.

Game sharing

Anyone can use our games on our console, regardless of whether they are logged in with our or another account. It will also be a feature of " family share ": you can locate up to 10 " family members " who will be able to download and play with your account all titles that we purchased. Of course for "family members" means anyone 'll, so this will be a great way to share our games with 10 other friends, who can use their home any of our title from the exact moment in which we have purchased/installed.

It seems almost too good to be true and is something that is not possible, since for friends/family to play should be deprive us discs.  But for now Microsoft is not about limitations to this feature and it was not stated if we can play at the same time as our family/friends: it is as if, for each game, we had purchased 10 licenses available for the " family members ".

Sale shops

You will be able to sell their games to "participating retailers", without which no tax is applied to us and, in most cases, either at retailers.

Important : this is only possible when publishers allow it: it will be entitled to a Publisher decide if your game is or not resalable. Publishers can also decide whether to apply a tax on purchase of used only to shopkeepers, but Microsoft will not receive any income from this.

Sale/exchange between individuals

We can give our games, only if purchased on disk, to other players is free that remuneration as is already the case today, and will not be required to pay any surcharge/fee . However, there are two important limitations: we can cede the game only to someone who has been on our list for at least 30 days and each game will be assigned only once.

This means that the sale and swapping of games cannot be made with someone who has never been in our friends list: we should add it and then wait until 30 days have passed. The friends list is now much broader going from 100 to 1000 contacts, but however there is the problem in the case of sale to complete strangers. Anyway, who will receive our games and trade them/won't resell them in turn.

Important : this feature may decide publishers, title by title, whether it is available or not. Thus, if a given Publisher will decide that a specific game should not be transferrable to individuals, then you will not be able to do so.

For now there is no loan or lease of its games (except through the family sharing mechanism explained above), but Microsoft claims to be while also exploring this possibility to introduce post-launch.

Console always ready

Microsoft explains Xbox One is designed to be "always ready": in the presence of an always-on connection, the console will update in real time and in a way Dumbledore is your software/firmware that games installed, so that there is never required to perform an update.

As already mentioned, in areas where ADSL or other broadband network are not available, you can connect via mobile internet with Smartphones connected to wi-fi tethering.

Kinect and privacy

Microsoft confirms that the console will not record conversations or anything that takes place in our living room, and that even during the games we can pause the Kinect to avoid that resume, obviously when these Kinect support will not be required. When the console is turned off, the Kinect is "asleep" and is able to understand the command "on" for Xbox, the console: the cameras are turned off and will not record any audio. You can also completely turn off the console so that not even the instant power function is active.

There will still be clear and detailed options on the console operation control and the use of our data: for example, if a fitness game registers our heartbeat, we will be able to decide whether this should remain only on the console or may be transferred to servers in the game, and so on.

And, of course, all we can do using voice controls of Kinect will be feasible even with the regular game pad or other control systems as SmartGlass.

For now we definitely clearer ideas about what we can do with the new console. Further details will be released in the coming days, but now we have to find out the most important thing: the games! Appointment to Monday 10 to 18:30 for the Microsoft E3 Conference.