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BioShock Infinite: announced two special editions

2 k has announced the release of two special editions for BioShock Infinite : the Ultimate Songbird Edition and Premium Edition to the respective cost 149.99 and $ 79.99, available for presales beginning on 22 October. To follow the details of the two editions.

The Premium Edition will contain:
  • Lithograph by 5 × 7 inches created by Jorge Lacera
  • The tonic-shaped Keyring "Murder of Crows"
  • Mini arbook in hardcover with inside concept art and developer comments.
  • Thumbnail of handyman 25 mm high, coming from a game board game board of Plaid Hat Games dedicated to title
  • Several digital content including the soundtrack and avatars for Xbox Live
The Ultimate Songbird Edition will contain the same Premium material with, in addition, a statue of 25 cm of Songbird, terrifying enemy known from the first trailer for the game, which we propose to you a couple of pictures.

For more details, please consult the official website of Bioshock Infinite.