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Even Dying Light jumps on the train of Battle Royale with Bad Blood

After almost three years from the exit, Dying Light continues to have some success and a following of players who still have not abandoned the title; Techland today announced the arrival in 2018 stand-alone multiplayer expansion of the title, then playable even without having the original game called Bad Blood and inspired by Battle Royale games currently very popular as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite Battle Royale .

Techland has listened to the requests of many fans of Dying Light that clamored a true multiplayer mode, and given the growing success like Battle Royale decided to develop Dying Light: Bad Blood , which we learn now the first information.

We thus discover that, unlike other titles in the genre, designed for huge amounts of players, in Dying Light: Bad Blood will place only 6 players who will face mix of PvP e PVE : the maps will be in fact, zombie-infested and often must help each other to survive, but there will also be a struggle for dominance. The aim will be to collect blood samples by zombies before the onset of night, when players must leave the area to go to safety with a helicopter that will contain less places of the players: those who have collected more samples will place secured on the vehicle. It is evident then that players will seek also to evade the samples to each other so as to be able to be among those who leave the map.

These are just a few details of the new title which will be available on a date not yet defined the 2018 ; as always, please continue to stay tuned for more information on this.