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Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare reveals details of incoming patches and future improvements

A few days ago we announced that BioWare was working on a patch for Mass Effect: Andromeda from the upcoming release, which was expected to introduce a first set of improvements to the game: today we discover when this patch will come, what it contains and what developers work out in later updates.

The first patch 1.05 , will be released Thursday, April 6 and will make improvements on performance techniques but also of changes in terms of gaming experience: among the most important fixes we are improving both in animation in the faces of the characters and multiplayer in the resolution of problems related to latency.

Over the next two months will be released other patches that will focus on performance issues, how to add more character and adding cosmetic items nuove mappe, personaggi e armi nel comparto multiplayer. Eccovi di seguito la descrizione completa dei miglioramenti in arrivo con questa e le future patch!


Two weeks after the release of Mass Effect ™: Andromeda, we want to thank the millions of players who have followed in this adventure. Now that the game is finally in your hands, know that this is only the beginning.

Since the day of publication, our team has carefully examined all of your comments and feedback to understand what did you like the game and what aspects we can improve.

This Thursday, we will make available a new patch that addresses various technical problems and improve game performance, in addition to making numerous changes demanded in a loud voice, including:

  • The ability to speed up travel between planets in the Galactic map
  • Increasing the maximum capacity of the inventory
  • Looks better eye for human characters and asari
  • Reducing the cost of decoding keys Relictum, making it even more accessible at the merchants
  • Better synchronization between dubbed voices and lips of the characters
  • The resolution of the bug that occurs when Ryder runs zig zag
  • Overall improvement of matchmaking and multiplayer latency times

You can find the complete list of changes in the notes accompanying the patch .

Over the next two months we will publish other patches that will affect even deeper on various aspects of the game, for example:

  • More options and variety in the character editor
  • Improvements to the hairstyles and the overall appearance of the characters
  • Improvements for cutscenes and animation
  • Improvements to male love stories for Scott Ryder
  • Changes to conversations with Hainly Abrams

These future patch will improve performance and stability of the game. In addition, the single player will be enriched with new aesthetic elements completely free.

As for multiplayer, in the same time we will continue to offer new APEX missions to deal with. We'll add maps, weapons and characters. Thursday begins the first of three new chapters of a series that we headed investigation Relictum .

This is just a taste of what we have in store to support Mass Effect: Andromeda. And, as always, you have a vital role in all this. We want to know your opinions, both on the aspects that you like the most on both those who would like to change. We are at your disposal and we are committed to working with you as we continue to explore the Andromeda Galaxy all together.