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Winter is coming under Horizon 3: Turn 10 promises to be a cold expansion

Turn 10 today released an Update on the site of Forza Horizon 3 to announce the arrival today of Alpinestars Car Pack, which adds to the game a set of new cars (including the all-new Acura NSX), but the real treat is another.

After the parade of the cars featured in the pack, the guys at Turn 10 have shown an image of a completely snow-covered road, Centenary commendandola Lamborghini: " one more thing: as we all know, winter is coming and that means less than ideal road conditions. Here's a look at what you will face in the first expansion of Forza Horizon 3, later this year . "

So it seems that, as in FH2 came a magnificent expansion that introduced tropical environments and torrential rain, the new episode of the series will have an expansion aimed at introducing new environments and new, hostile climatic conditions: snow and ice. We leave you to the image concerned, referring to soon for more news!