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Hitman: the fourth episode comes the August 16, the eighth Target Elusive is available now

Io Interactive has announced that the fourth installment of Hitman will be set in Bangkok , will be released on August 16 and will see us engaged in killing the leader of a rock band and his attorney. The software company also announced that the eighth Target elusive, codenamed the Broker , is available today in Paris.

Below we present the press with details on the fourth episode saddle series, followed by the movies dedicated to new episode and eighth Target elusive, together with a set of images that show us a closer look at the new mission set in the Thai capital.

HITMAN: Episode 4 Bangkok is due to arrive on August 16

Milan, August 5, 2016 -Io-Interactive has confirmed that the episode 4 of HITMAN will be set in Bangkok and will be available on August 16.

The mission "27 Club" transports players into the opulence and splendor of luxurious Himmapan hotel and resort, located on the Chao Phraya River outside Bangkok. Your goals are increased for the rock star Jordan Cross, head of the indie band The Class, and to the Cross family Attorney, Ken Morgan. Both are currently guests of the luxury hotel while the band is finishing up recording his second album.

Explore the interiors of the great hotel and enjoy the natural beauty of the exotic gardens that adorn the halls outside of the structure. Or just appreciate the view of the Chao Phraya River, while reasons on how best to carry out your mission.

"Bangkok is the exotic locations for the next episode in our season of HITMAN," said Hannes Seifert, Studio Head at Io Interactive. "We went a bit on rock and roll for the goals with the lead singer of The band The Class and her family lawyer – so expect to use musical instruments for some unusual activity."

With all the new opportunities and the disguises, over 65 different challenges to unlock, new tools, weapons and items, the episode 4: Bangkok is not to be missed.

We remind you that, as like all Elusive Targets, you will have only one attempt to complete the mission within 72 hours, because if you fail the mission or the available time expires, the target will leave the game world and the mission will no longer be completed.

Good hunting!

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