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Rumor: the logo of the new Xbox Game Pass plan for 'friends and family' is leaked

As we know, Microsoft will soon launch the new "Family plan" of the Game Pass that will allow groups of up to 5 people to have a considerable saving on the cost of the service, and has also already started to test it. Through a leak of the always attentive Twitter channel Aggiornamenti Lumia, we discover today the official logo of the service that reveals in turn an important information.

The logo, which you can see above, reveals that the new offer will be called "Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family", thus indicating that it is not exclusively aimed at members of the same family but also at groups of friends.

This means that, unlike the test currently underway, the management of the people assigned to the subscription may not take place, at least not exclusively, through the family management area of the Microsoft account, but also in some other way that allows you to add friends.

We remind you that, according to the latest unofficial information, the subscription will cost 21.99 euros per month, which divided by the 5 people who can use it translates into a cost of 4.4 euros per person, a considerable saving compared to the single purchase of the service. We await official news!