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Five games will come out of Game Pass in mid-July

As usual at the beginning of the month, Microsoft announced the list of games that will be removed from Xbox Game Pass by the 15th of this month, thus ceasing to be available to subscribers to the service.

Among the titles in use we have Carrion, a brilliant indie title that offers a metroidvania-style experience, but putting us in the shoes of a sprawling alien monster who is hunted. Carrion says goodbye to Game Pass subscribers after two years in the service. Those who want to recover it these days (and we strongly recommend it) can very well do it, since the game can be safely completed in about 8 hours.

Two years of stay in Xbox Game Pass also for Children Of Morta, very interesting indie roguelike with "hack & slash" mechanics, also enjoyable in the space of two / three evenings of intense play!

Cris Tales, a retro-JRPG with turn-based combat, was instead included in the subscription 12 months ago, directly on day-one. Like any self-respecting role-playing game, in this case we are talking about a decidedly more substantial number of hours to get to the end credits.

They belong to the same "baked" of games arrived in the GamePass in July 2021 also Lethal League Blaze and Atomicrops, the other two titles announced for release. These are two indies certainly not very well known, but with some interesting features ... you have time until mid-month if you want to take a look!