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SEGA and Creative Assembly announce HYENAS multiplayer shooter

SEGA today announced the development by Creative Assembly (Alien: Isolation, Total War, Halo Wars 2) of HYENAS, a new competitive multiplayer shooter coming later in 2023 that combines fast-paced action and zero-gravity zones for an original combat mix.

Here is the official description, the announcement trailer and a set of images.

In HYENAS, the world is in pieces... literally. Eventually, the billionaires landed on Mars, leaving behind Earth and all the unpaid taxes. The anti-gravity technology that fueled their journey has torn our planet to shreds, leaving us adrift in a slum called "L'Onta"... The only thing that matters to the rich is the very rare merchandise, pop culture relics from our old lives, which they relentlessly grab from the rubble to decorate their palaces on Mars.

It's time to recover... everything that is ours. Gigantic spaceships similar to floating shopping malls, known as looting ships, are stuffed with land stealth and filthy mercenaries, alarm systems, and armed drones that only the super-rich can afford. Put together your team of Hyenas. You'll have at your disposal a ramshackle cast of society garbage armed to the teeth and endowed with unique abilities. Break in, grab the goods and cut the rope.

This is hard and pure space piracy: you will be part of a three-piece team against four other teams ready to get their hands on the burning stuff and flee. You'll need weapons and cunning: each looting ship is a sandbox playground full of interconnected systems, capable of creating endless opportunities for those who want to take advantage of the game environment, surveillance networks, mercenaries and opposing teams to gain an advantage.

By combining quick movements and lethal combat tactics within zero-gravity zones that can be activated at will, you will have the opportunity to master the surrounding environment to set traps and eliminate other teams.

A bold new project from an award-winning studio intent on revolutionizing shooters as it has already revolutionized the horror genre with Alien: Isolation, and of which we will soon discover many more details. However, some features have already been excluded. HYENAS will not include "pay to win" game mechanics. It will include Panini sticker albums, a SEGA Mega Drive and lots of fruit candies.