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I, the Inquisitor: a new medieval adventure from Poland

Polish studio The Dust today announced the new narrative adventure I, the Inquisitor, which will immerse us in a brutal Middle Ages in an alternate timeline in which Jesus did not die on the cross but vented his wrath on all infidels, giving life to a Church made not of priests but of relentless inquisitors.

Based on the homonymous series of novels by the Polish writer Jacek Piekara , I, the Inquisitor will arrive on the new generation consoles offering realistic and scratchy visuals; here are the official details, the announcement trailer and a set of images.

Jesus did not die on the cross, but came down and unleashed his wrath against all unbelievers. 1500 years later, an army of Inquisitors imposes respect for the faith by brutal methods. A bleak action and adventure game, based on Jacek Piekara's bestsellers.

I, the Inquisitor is a bleak narrative fantasy game with elements of action and adventure that imposes difficult moral choices. Based on Jacek Piekara's successful book series, the game follows an alternate timeline in which religion has had a different evolution: Jesus was crucified but managed to escape death and indulged in an irrepressible wrath, which vents with unprecedented violence on all unbelievers after freeing himself from the nails. After several centuries, an army of Inquisitors, leading a bloody Church, enslaves people by force, obliging them to the faith.

You are Mordimer Madderdin, an Inquisitor in the service of God, sent to the town of Koenigstein because it is afflicted by a series of mysteries and sins to be eradicated. As you commit to solving crimes and cases of transgression against the faith, you discover the existence of an even darker evil from an otherworldly world that is trying to infiltrate the realm of the living.

Erected as a supreme judge, jury and executioner
As the Inquisitor, your job is to preserve order and impose faith in God, but the world is pervaded by sinners who have lost their way. Determine the fate of who you will judge in a story with multiple cases and missions. Extricated in a world where morality and the definition of righteous have irreparably split. Will you decide to show mercy or blindly apply sacred laws?

A non-linear tale of perverse morality
The story, as raw as it is gloomy, revolves around the preaching of a violent and vindictive religion. The multiple narrative ramifications will test your moral values, as you will have to choose what kind of path to follow as an Inquisitor: that of compassion or that of chastisement, thus leaving an indelible mark on this world.

Enlightened surveys
Mordimer possesses unique skills and competencies, which allow him to solve the crimes and mysteries that torment Koenigstein. Put yourself on the trail of the various suspects and interrogate them, discover the occult truths of the town and its inhabitants, until you combine the clues that will allow you to express your final judgment.

An underworld to discover
Unbeknownst to those around him, Mordimer has the gift of accessing the mysterious underworld, where he can discover the even more arcane secrets that suspects try to hide in their souls. But such a journey is not without risk, as the dark force that reigns supreme over this world will do everything to destroy you for daring to set foot in its kingdom.

Persuasive interrogations
The 1500s is still an era where justice knows no mercy. As an Inquisitor, you have not been restricted of any kind on the methods and tools to be applied to induce suspects to confess the "truth". Such interrogations date back to the days of the true Inquisition and it is up to you to decide whether and how much brute force to use with suspects.

The sword instead of the tongue
Sometimes, the best way to loosen a tongue is to sever it. The entirely sword-based combat system implies that the use of violence is a possible and sometimes inevitable option. Perfect your sword skills and take advantage of enemies' uncovered points to hit them.

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