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Microsoft outlines Xbox's future strategy: games, acquisitions, and xCloud

Just a few days before the E3 Xbox Showcase expected on Sunday night, Satya Nadella, Phil Spencer and Matt Booty outlined a strategy that Xbox will apply from the coming weeks until the years to come, to bring to fruition a reality in which the various variations of Xbox, Game Pass and related games will be available to an ever-increasing user base, up to potentially reach millions of players.

This strategy was explained in an online article and in a face-to-face chat between Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Phil Spencer, Microsoft's Vice President and Director of Gaming, as well as statements provided to analysts.

For your convenience, we will follow the most important concepts expressed by the different managers.


The first interesting information comes from Xbox Game Studios director Matt Booty,who during a recent discussion with a group of analysts, stated that Microsoft is, first and foremost, dedicated to creating a large and diverse collection of studios,in order to be able to release new games at a constant frequency.

Booty explains that, to this end, in addition to continuing to invest in existing studios,such as 343 Industries, Turn 10 and Rare, we will continue with the acquisition strategy of new studios, large and small,as well as continue to collaborate with independent studios as happened with Moon Studios for Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Dontnod Entertainment for Tell Me Why.

Microsoft's ultimate goal is to publish at leastone First Party game every three months - once all internal studios go into operation, we'llhave at least four games released later this year - all of which are obviously included in Game Pass and xCloud. Of course, in busy times like the end of the year, more games will also come.


XCloud, xbox's Cloud Gaming platform, obviously plays an important role in this strategy: Phil Spencer explains that, looking beyond the console and PC world, the potential of the gaming market in the world is millions of players, which you just need to be able to reach. And xCloud is just the perfect platform to be able to reach anyone, regardless of the hardware you own. For this reason, we continue to invest in the growth of the service in these ways:

  • Server enhancement: In a few weeks' time, the current xbox one s-based hardware will be replaced by the brand new Xbox Series X-based blades,which will make games faster (immediate uploads), performing (higher resolutions and frame-rates) and allow you to play exclusive next-gen games such as The Medium that until now were foreclosed to the service.
  • PC and iOS support for everyone: always in a few weeks, PC and iOS support via browser, currently in Beta, will be made available to everyone. Also by the end of the year xCloud will be natively included in the Xbox app for Windows.
  • New forms of subscription :Microsoft is considering new subscription "cuts", in addition to current standards and Ultimate, to meet all types of users.
  • xCloud across all Smart TVs: Microsoft is working with the world's leading TV manufacturers to natively infuse the Xbox and xCloud app into their TVs, so that anyone will be able to play Xbox titles without owning a PC or console.
  • Dedicated streaming device: there were already rumors about it, and now we have confirmation: Microsoft is working on "Chromecast-like" devices that can be connected to any TV or monitor to make them "xCloud-enabled", so as to give anyone access to low-cost gaming experiences.
  • Xbox integration: By the end of the year, xCloud will be integrated directly into Xbox consoles to activate use modes such as "trialbefore downloading ", which will allow players to launch immediately into a game before starting downloading it.


Microsoft also claims that it has not lost sight of the best-performing hardware, the one designed for the most passionate players, so much so that the company is already working on the design of new consoles that we will see only in several years. For now it's unclear whether it's as "mid-gen" console as it was for Xbox One X, or real new next-gen consoles, but we certainly won't find out very soon.

All this confirms to us how Microsoft is increasingly determined to occupy a leading position in the gaming world: now we just have to wait to find out what they have in store for us during Sunday's event!