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Xbox Series X/S May Update Is Now Available, Improve Quick Resume and More

Microsoft has announced the availability as of today ofthe May update for its two new Xbox Series X/S next-gen consoles. Let's see in detail what's coming.

  • The Quick Resume,the new feature that allows us to start multiple games at once, quickly switching between them without having to close them even after turning the console off/on, has been improved in reliability and speed, with faster loading times and a new feature that will organize the titles in Quick Resume into a dedicated group that lists all the games currently open in Quick Resume. We can see which games are ready to start directly from Quick Resume and start them from there. As with other groups, this can also be added directly to the Home for faster access.
  • The Audio Passthrough gives our media apps an even better listening experience through our external sound system. In practice, we can further improve the audio of our apps that we stream on Xbox such as Disney+, the Apple TV app, Plex, Vudu and others. Passthrough allows audio decoding of media apps on compatible HDMI devices to bypass the console for the highest quality listening experience with the external sound system. To start using it, we will have to consent "Allow passthrough" on the Xbox audio settings screen. We'll notice an indicator in your guide when we use a media app that's compatible with enabled passthrough audio.
  • Starting this month, it will be possible to give our approval to the individual multiplayer games that we will consider suitable for our children and give it cataloguing directly from the console or using the Xbox Family Settings app on iOS and Android. If our child, for example, wants to play a specific game in multiplayer mode but is blocked by familiar settings, he can send a request to unlock multiplayer only for that game. We will be notified through the app to learn more about the game and then decide whether to approve our child's request.
  • New Dynamic Background - This month, Micrsoft offers the new background - "Motes": you can find it in Settings > General > Customization > My Background > Dynamic Background.

The Xbox Team is excited to continue to bring substantial news to make Xbox better based on player feedback. The release of this month's update then includes new improvements to Quick Resume, audio passthrough for media apps, and more.

Microsoft is certainly not letting down its fans with improvements of various kinds; we look forward to further improvements and news in the coming months.