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Microsoft raises the price of Gold for new users: here are the amounts in Euros

While in recent months some speculated that Microsoft could make Live Gold free, today came the opposite news: the Redmond house announced that the price of new one, three and six month subscriptions will be increased shortly in a number of selected countries (among which for now we do not know if Italy is also present, but it is likely).

Microsoft justifies the choice by explaining that it is years, and in some countries even 10 years, that Xbox Live Gold does not receive an increase in price, and that it was time to adapt it; however, many suspect that the move is simply designed to discourage the adoption of gold in favor of the Ultimate Game Pass, which in addition to the Gold subscription also includes the benefits of the Game Pass. Of course, as the cost of gold rises, the " perceived value "of theUltimate Pass rises accordingly.

The new prices, which are expected to be active from next month, are expected to be in Euro:

  • 1 month: €7.99 (today €6.99)
  • 3 months: about €24.99 (today €19.99)
  • 6 months: about €49.99 (today €29.99)

However, Microsoft would like to specify that those who already have a 12- or 6-monthsubscription and renew it will not experience any price increase, adding that the offer to transform gold into Ultimate Game Pass for the same period and without surcharges remains valid.

We look forward to knowing whether our country will also be affected by the increases and whether the prices indicated in Euro will be confirmed. Keep following us!