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Logitech announces G923 steering wheel, with next-generation force feedback

Renowned accessories manufacturer Logitech today announced the new Logitech G923racing steering wheel, fully compatible with Xbox One and Xbox Series X and featuring advanced features such as the new TrueForce force feedback system that leverages game input and sound to provide an even more realistic driving experience.

Available from August at the recommended price of 409.99 Euros,the Logitech G923 steering wheel features a proprietary high-definition force feedback technology that revolutionizes what you can live in racing games. Using game physics and real-time audio, it allows players to really hear the roar of an engine, tire traction, track terrain and steering wheel feedback, more than ever before. TrueForce connects directly to in-game engines, processing data up to 4000 times per second to produce next-generation realism and detail in supported games.

Designed for today's simulations, the steering wheel and pedals of the Logitech G923 have been modernized with a brushed metal steering wheel, polished pedals and a leather flying cover for maximum comfort. In addition, the G923 is designed with a number of new features, including:

  • Programmable dual-clutch controls - allows riders to perform cleaner and faster starts with a programmable dual clutch that facilitates maximum traction and minimal slippage.
  • Built-in lap indicator - The integrated colored LED lights indicate the range of turns per minute, alerting the driver when he is going to go off laps.
  • Game controls on the steering wheel - Playstation and XBOX game controls are integrated into the steering wheel for total control at your fingertips.
  • Progressive brake pedals - with a new progressive spring for a more responsive feel, the new responsive brake pedal adds more realism and control.
  • 24-point selection dial - The built-in selection dial allows the driver to adjust traction, torque, automatic stability management, braking force and more.

You can read more about this accessory, and pre-order it, from the official Logitech website; in the meantime we leave you to the announcement trailer and a set of images that show us in detail. Have a good look!

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