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F1 2020 runs in launch trailer

F1 2020is now available, the new incarnation of the famous Codemasters series dedicated to the fascinating world of Formula One. The launch of the game is celebrated with a special trailer, which does not fail to show off some of the main innovations of this edition.

Compared to usual, this year the Simulation of Codemasters travels particularly close to the Royal Championship, now only the second race, scheduled this weekend. This involves some complications (a free update will quickly arrive to adapt the game to the new features seen on the track, such as Mercedes' new all-black livery), but it also represents a nice opportunity to really experience the F1 season "in real time".

The opportunity is therefore great to dive into The My Teammode, undoubtedly one of the main innovations of the 2020 edition of the game, which introduces a very deep managerial component, allowing you to create from scratch and manage an eleventh team (for details, we refer you to our anticipation) in the double role of manager-pilot.

The trailer showcases another very intriguing F1 2020 novelty: the return of split-screen mode, for furious challenges between two local players on the same console.

These and all the other new features of the game, such as the introduction of two new tracks, will be reviewed in our review, available shortly. In the meantime we leave you to the launch trailer, good viewing!

MX Video - F1 2020