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The Stranded Deep survival game is available today

After a period of troubled development, as we told you in a previous news, Beam Team Games has finally completed production of the open world survival game Stranded Deep which is available from today to disponibile da oggi all'acquisto purchase.

For the occasion, the developers have released a whole host of new and interesting information to better prepare players for the challenges they face as a shipwrecked island in the middle of the ocean following a plane crash.

Below is the full list of Stranded Deepfeatures:

  • Survive:health, hunger, thirst and sunstroke. Manage and monitor vital parameters through an interactive clock. Heal poisons, heal broken bones and bandage wounds to stay alive;
  • Create: spears, axes, bows, rifles and much more can be made through an interactive menu or through the quick selection wheel. Items in your inventory and on the ground around you can all be turned into something useful;
  • Unlock skills: harvest, craft, cooking, physical activity and hunting can be increased in level to achieve maximum efficiency or to unlock different skill combinations;
  • Build structures:With dozens of materials and objects to choose from, create your own home. From a shack of weak and fragile palm fronds to a solid clay brick house;
  • Build vehicles:Customize your raft with sails, canopies, warehouses, anchors, boat engines and more. If sailing isn't for you, fly in style building a gyrocopter;
  • Explore the Pacific Ocean:Explore the procedurally generated world. Immerse yourself in shipwrecks, abandoned shelters from previous survivors, or search for rare sea creatures such as whales;
  • Agricultural resources: build and manage your farm with water management and plant growth cycles;
  • Hunt animals:hunt, fish to survive and conquer your place on the Pacific islands.
  • Fight bosses:If you're looking for a challenge, take on one of the three bosses who populate the islands for trophies and rewards;
  • Unlock Objectives: Compare stats with your friends and find out who among you was the best to survive.

The title will also include an editor to build and customize your own islands.

So we just have to wish you a good time if you decide to buy the new survival game of Beam Team Games!

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