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Crysis Remastered leaks from the official Crysis website, with ray tracing on current consoles?

A few days ago, Crysis's Twitter channel woke up after years ofdati in arrivosilence with the mysterious tweet "Incoming Data", making it clear that there would soon be news about the famous FPS franchise. And today we find out what it is, not thanks to an official announcement but through the ill-conceived HTML code on the game's official website.

By analyzing the site's code, in fact, a fan managed to find hidden references to "Crysis Remastered", to the image you see at the top and with a very interesting brief description especially in one part: "Crysis Remastered introduces on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and - for the first time - Nintendo Switch new graphics features, high-quality textures and cryENGINE's native ray tracing solution and hardware-independent ."

This phrase seems to imply that the game will introduce ray tracing graphics even on current consoles (made using a software solution instead of hardware), a goal that would seem extremely ambitious but which is in line with the high graphical objectives that Crytek has always set itself; The game has in fact gone down in history as one of those that has required increasingly powerful hardware, obviously ending up being limited on consoles of the past generation. We are therefore very curious to discover what it will look like on the current consoles!

We will update you with all the news as soon as the official announcement arrives.