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Microsoft announces a new Inside Xbox for tomorrow night: here's what to expect

Microsoft today announced that at 23:00 (Italian time) tomorrow, on April 7,a new episode of the Show Inside Xbox will be broadcast live that will update us on some news of the Xbox world. This time there will be no new announcements on Xbox Series X,but development director Jason Ronald (also known for the longest beard in the gaming industry) will be in attendance and will discuss and delve into the console specifications recently revealed,explaining the impact they will have on players.

But that's obviously not all: we'll talk about the Obsidian Grounded survival game (we expect the release date to be announced in the Game Preview, expected in the spring), Gears Tactics, Sea of Thieves,new Xbox Game Pass games will be announced and there will also be some surprises from the ID@Xboxprogram, dedicated to independent titles.

The episode will last about 40 minutes; At the end, however, will follow a live broadcast of Obsidian that will show us the single player experience of Grounded. The whole thing can be followed as usual on multiple channels: Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Appointment then live tomorrow night, or later on our pages to find out all the announcements that will have been made!