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Call of Duty: Warzone introduces Solitaire mode in Battle Royale

Activision has announced that it has added the new Solitaire mode to the new and already hugely popular free-to-play FPS Call of Duty: Warzone. The new mode allows us to play alone,rather than in the team as we have done so far, with the Battle Royale rules; Each match will then see a fight all against all 150 players.

We leave you to the characteristics of this mode, as we were told by the editor:

The basics

In Solitaire mode, you're catapulted to Verdansk alone by the rules of Battle Royale. That means no teammates, no friends – just you and a gun with a few bullets. Imagine it as an all-against-all classic of Call of Duty®,but on a large scale.

As you plunder, complete contracts and survive against up to 149 other players, the gas cloud expands by narrowing the playing area - just like in a normal Battle Royale. The Gulag still welcomes the eliminated Warzone,but if you die in the 1v1 clash, forget any form of redemption - you are definitely out of the game.

The last Operator who remains standing wins.

The Solitaire mode strategy

Because in Solitaire mode you won't have teammates to rely on or who can watch your back, your every decision can determine life or death.

It all starts while you're on the plane and you're planning how to infiltrate. Look at the top right corner to see how many players have entered and keep your eyes peeled for where those red trails are. If you're looking for a fight, follow those leads. Otherwise, you can land in more remote locations to build your loadout before facing other players.

Once landed, gathering information becomes the most powerful weapon for survival. In addition to paying attention to the tactical map and mini map, be particularly careful to find and equip yourself with reconnaissance tools such as the Reconnaissance Drone, Heart Rate Monitor and UAV. The last of these can be purchased through the purchase stations, active during this mode.

Speaking of purchase stations, you can still buy kits to come back to life or find them in Verdansk. Remember this as you fight against other Operators: they usually die instantly when their health drops to zero, but if they have a kit, they can get back into the game and take revenge. Knowing this, make sure the kill is confirmed before turning your attention to the next fight.

In addition, Solitaire mode is a great way to train Warzone'sfundamentals. Single-player modes are a good option for those who want to train with weapons, equipment, benefits and map knowledge. Relying only on your senses and HUD, a match in Solitaire mode can give you the opportunity to learn from the experience for your next games.

Finally, when you get a win in Solitaire mode it means that you - and only you - have outsed the competition. Play a few games in this mode, test yourself against the world... and celebrate your victories when they come.

Top 5 Tips for Lonely Mode

  1. Games in Solitaire mode? Gathering information is your best ally. In addition to paying attention to the tactical map and mini map, be particularly careful to find and equip yourself with reconnaissance tools such as the Reconnaissance Drone, Heart Rate Monitor and UAV.
  2. Gulag himself. The same number of players. No Buybacks. You only have one life in Solitaire mode.Make it worth living, both in the Gulag and in Verdansk.
  3. Consider accepting contracts. This is especially true for map exploration contracts, as you alone have half the time to capture locations compared to other modes. Complete contracts and get money to accumulate your loadouts at the purchase stations later.
  4. ... and stay on the ground. In Solitaire mode, you'll find kits to bring you back to life. If you're finishing a game and aren't sure about an enemy's condition after clearing their health, double-check that it's been permanently eliminated before moving on.
  5. Learn from your games in Solitaire mode. Although you may have less chance of winning, learn from these experiences for your next team game. Some Solitaire games could make the difference between losing your next game in Battle Royale and a well-deserved win.