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Xbox Series X: Controller detail features and images

The specs released yesterday on Xbox Series X aren't the only news that Microsoft has released on the powerful new console; we have also learned many other "secondary" but no less important details, of which we will talk a little at a time. Let's start with the new controller of the console, which aesthetically recalls the current one but with some important differences.

Microsoft explains that, given the success of the current controller, which enjoys great appreciation from the players, it did not want to overturn it in a significant way by introducing instead several small refinements and evolutions that will manage to make the improving the ergonomics and performance of the device.

First, the controller design team wanted to improve the controller's accessibility by making it more comfortable in the hands of all sizes,from those of an 8-year-old and older. This was achieved by giving a more rounded shape to the dorsal buttons (the bumpers,in jargon), slightly reducing and rounding the areas around the triggers and improving the design of the grips.

Another great novelty, probably the most visible, is the new design of the D-pad,which from the current directional cross takes a step back towards the circular pad that had the Xbox 360 controller, but still maintaining cross rises for the four cardinal directions; The new shape also facilitates the execution of diagonal checks rather than purely orthogonal ones, offering more options and ease of use to the player.

Then there's the new share button,positioned in the center of the controller, which as already happens on other platforms will allow players to quickly capture screenshots and clips of their game sessions without having to open on-screen menus. Microsoft also suggests that with this button we can share content on"our favorite social platforms",so even if there is no definitive confirmation this could mean that sharing to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which is now rather cumbersome, will be enhanced.

Another novelty is the "tactile design"applied to triggers, back buttons and grips, which provides a better grip during the game. It's not an absolute novelty, already the Special Edition controllers had a similar design, but now it will be standard on all controllers. In addition D-pads, triggers and back buttons now have a matte, rather than shiny finish, to improve the feeling and grip even in case of sweaty or damp hands.

One thing that does not change is theuse of AA batteries,which we prefer over the built-in battery because it allows us to use rechargeable batteries by switching them quickly when needed, and being able to replace them completely and cheaply when their life is significantly reduced. For those who prefer it, however, there will always be the possibility to buy a rechargeable battery pack directly in the controller thanks to a USB-C cable.

Microsoft also points out that compatibility was one of the pillars in the design not only of the console(Xbox Series X will be compatible with all Xbox One accessories, controllers and headsets included) but also of the controller itself: you can use all the existing official and third-party chatpads for Xbox One, support the first generation headsets of the current console (those with the proprietary adapter), it is compatible with PC and of course supports Bluetooth for the mobile devices. In this regard, the communication protocol has also been improved, implementing Bluetooth Low Energy which improves the life of smartphones and controllers when connected to each other. Finally, the new controller will also be usable on Xbox One.

We now leave you to the detailed images of the controller that highlight just the novelties in the design we talked about: you can find them below.