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Microsoft releases February Update to Xbox One for all: here's what's new

Please note that Microsoft began the release of theFebruary Xbox One update,also known as the New Home Experience, overnight, thanks to changes to the home screen (and more) to improve the performance andusability of the entire dashboard. Here are the news you'll find in the update.

Simplified home

The main page of our console, the Home,receives a major makeover with the elimination of the different "tabs" dedicated to Community, Game Pass, Mixer and Store, reporting the most important information in a single page scrollable vertically, customizable in the content and from which we can access the different sections.

Reorganize My Games and Apps

The My Games and Apps area loses the Updates, Game Pass and Queue sections, as well as the ability to see the games ready for installation, in favor of two new sections: Full Collection,where you can access sub-pages with owned games, Xbox Game Pass collection, Games With Gold and EA Access games, and Manage, where you can access the downlad queue, upgrades, manage storage and even quickly access some settings related to the installation of the games. It will take a while to get used to this new design, but there is no doubt that it makes this section much faster.

Images and gifs in text chats

For some time now, it was possible to insert images and gifs into text chats between Xbox Live users on the Xbox smarphone and PC app, but then this content was not visible on the console. You can now view your media files on Your Xbox One, with the ability to zoom in full screen. Sending is still limited to the mobile or PC app for now.

Changing the position of notifications


System notifications are no longer limited to the default location centered at the bottom, where they often cover game subtitles: you can choose whether to display them at the top, bottom, or at the four corners of the screen using a special setting.

New improvements to the Mixer viewing experience

Mixer lovers can now set the "classic chat", which shows users' messages in a dedicated bar to the right of the screen, and you can also set the default resolution at which you want to see streams, without having to set it each time in the videos. There is also much more information about the various streamers on the platform.

New Archiving Management Options

When a disc fills up, today the console allows us to select which games to uninstall. With the new update, however, if it locates an external disk connected via USB, it will also propose to move the contents between the two disks.

Separate management of bundled games in the Game Pass

When a product consisting of a collection of games (such as Shenmue I & II)is inserted into the Game Pass, you can now view the titles in the collection and choose whether to install all or only some of them.

As always, the update will be installed automatically if you have the console in immediate startup, or you can force it to be installed from the system settings.