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inXile hires for an AAA single RPG player destined for Project Scarlett

Since Microsoft acquired Brian Fargo's studio inXile Entertainmenta year ago, the activities within the California software house have become feverish: not only the completion of the development of Wasteland 3 and other projects already in place, but also preparations for new projects, one of which we now discover to be a triple-A RPG for Project Scarlett.

The studio has in fact published a new job ad in which it seeks a Lead Software Engineer with experience in development in AAA titles that will be tasked with"driving the technical development of a next-generation,multi-platform, action-element RPG,"based on Unreal Engine 4.

The reference to "next generation" therefore makes us understand that the game is in development for Project Scarlett, while the mention of multi-platform refers to the fact that, as with all Xbox Game Studios titles, this will also come on Windows. It's likely to be the new IP action-RPG that the studio has mentioned in the past, while we don't believe it's the same project that former World of Warcraft manufacturer Ray Cobo is working on, which is probably something with multiplayer or MMO components.

And if the studio is now looking for a Lead Software Engineer, it means that development hasn't started yet, so it's likely that we won't hear about the new game for at least a year or two. We're waiting!