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inXile Entertainment hires former World of Warcraft Lead Producer

One of the effects of Microsoft's acquisition of the new studies is that they can now count on much larger budgets, which can be used not only to expand staff but also to hire leading figures who can help them with much more challenging projects. This is the case of InXile Entertainment,which has just hired former World of Warcraft Lead Producer Ray Cobo.

This makes us understand that even a studio such as inXile, so far engaged in projects mainly indie or otherwise of medium-small size, begins to organize for productions of a far different scope: a producer of Cobo's experience will in fact help the better manage all activities related to the production of an AAA title.

Of course, this does not mean that inXile is developing an MMORPG at WoW: it could be anything, although it is very likely that it will remain within the GDR given the experience that has now gained in the field of Brian Fargo. We also don't know if Cobo will work on the new action-RPG of the study or another project.

Whatever it is, it's unlikely we'll know anytime soon: tonight is expected theX019 but inXile should show on that occasion only the advances made on Wasteland 3,probably also revealing the release date. Keep following us!