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Borderlands 3 is ready to bring chaos with launch trailer

2K and Gearbox Software have released an adrenaline-pumping and chaotic trailer for Borderlands 3, the third and anticipated title of the popular series, and remind us that the game is coming to Xbox One 13 September.

Below is the description and key features of the game:

Explore new worlds, either alone or in co-op, as one of the four brand new Crypt hunters, each boasting unique skills, specializations, and features. Defeat crazy monsters, recover tons of loot, and save your planet from the most ruthless sect in the galaxy. Play alone or with friends, collect weapons and lots of loot, save your home from the most ruthless leaders in the galaxy, the Calypso Twins."

  • A chaotic adventure: thempeds to the Calypso twins to join the clans of bandits and conquer the greatest power in the galaxy. As a Crypt Hunter, only you will have enough weapons and allies to defeat them for good.
  • Choose the hunter that's right for you:Explore the skills, specializations, and unique characteristics of your Crypt Hunter. Alone, each of the hunters is able to wreak havoc. As a team, you will be unstoppable.
  • Inventory your hut facts: every fight is a new opportunity to find weapons and gadgets never seen before. Guns with self-propelled shields? Present. Rifles that generate erupting volcanoes? Of course! Weapons with legs, chasing enemies by covering them with insults? Well yes, we have those too!
  • New planets:dand glue from Pandora to new planets to explore... and enemies to face. Make your way through inhospitable deserts, devastated urban landscapes, mephic swamps and many other places!
  • Integrated Co-op Mode:Play with your friends both online and on a shared screen, without worrying about the level or progress in your mission. Defeat enemies and overcome challenges with your allies, but fear not: the rewards will be yours and yours alone. In this way, everyone will enjoy the incredible loot up for grabs.

Now we'll leave you to the trailer: good viewing!

MX Video - Borderlands 3